Afi Regional Monitoring Agency Arma Specialist at Air Traffic and Navigation Services

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  • Posted 05 Mar 2018 by Air Traffic and Navigation Services

About the Position

Applications are invited for the position of AFI Regional Monitoring Agency (ARMA) Specialist based at the ATNS Control Tower ORTIA. The successful applicants will be reporting to the Executive: ATM.


ATNS is seeking a candidate to provide safety oversight services as per ICAO SARP for the continued safe use of RVSM specifically within the AFI Region.

Major Activities

  • Manage a database of AFI aircraft approved by the respective AFI State authorities for operations at RVSM levels in that AFI region with the aid of the RMA forms and contact with NPM's AFI CAA's.

  • Manage the transfer of AFI approval data to and from other global RVSM regional monitoring agencies RMA,s by direct contact and email

  • Manage an AFI data base containing the results of height-keeping performance monitoring and all height deviations of 300ft or more within the AFI region airspace. Manage a database of large height deviations.

  • Manage reports of those height deviations of non-compliant aircraft which are of a magnitude equal to or greater than the following criteria:

  • TVE - 90 m (300 ft)

  • ASE - 75 m (245 ft)

  • AAD - 90 m (300 ft)

  • Analyze data to detect height deviation trends and, hence, to take action as in the previous item undertake such data collections as required by APIRG

  • Investigate height-keeping performance of the aircraft in the core of the distribution;

  • Establish or add to a database on the height-keeping performance of:

  • the aircraft population

  • aircraft types or categories; and

  • individual airframes

  • Monitor the level of risk as a consequence of operational errors and in-flight contingencies

  • Establish a mechanism for collation and analysis of all reports of height deviations of 90 m (300 ft) or more resulting from the above errors/actions;

  • Determine, wherever possible, the root cause of each deviation together with its size and duration; calculate the frequency of occurrence;

  • Assess the overall risk (technical combined with operational and in-flight contingencies) in the system against the overall safety objectives (see 2.1 of Doc 9574); and initiate remedial action as required

  • Circulate regular reports on all height-keeping deviations, together with such graphs and tables necessary to relate the estimated system risk to the TLS, employing the criteria detailed in 6.2.8 of Doc 9574, for which formats are suggested in Appendix A to Doc 9574;

  • Conduct safety assessments

  • Monitor operator compliance with State approval requirements

  • Initiate necessary remedial actions if RVSM requirements are not met

  • Provide a service to clients and develop their knowledge of ARMA and RVSM.

  • Prepare ARMA budget and CAPEX

    Minimum Qualifications

  • Approved ICAO Approach Procedural Course

Minimum Experience

  • 3 years' experience as an ATCO2

    Skills and Competencies

  • Analysis / Problem Assessment;

  • Regional & International Customer Service Orientation

  • Judgment / Problem Solving;

  • Information Monitoring;

  • Initiative

  • Confidence

  • Ability to impart knowledge and concepts

  • Planning and Organising;

  • Quality Orientation

  • Teamwork / Collaboration;

  • A high level of Technical / Professional Knowledge

  • Verbal / Written Communication

  • Motivationally fit

  • Computer Literacy

  • An active and enquiring mind.

  • Good Inter Personnel Relations

  • Good Personnel Discipline

  • Highly Developed Sense of Responsibility

  • Ability to Communicate in French is Desirable

The ideal candidate will have the following competencies:


  • supervise a professional team
  • Interpreting and, applying and implementing air traffic regulations, policy directives and instructions
  • Monitor and identify any trends or other indicators of deterioration in safety or service levels
  • assist in budget planning and management
  • build the capacity to deliver on the company vision
  • conduct performance appraisals
  • direct the allocation of resources, set priorities and identify issues to be escalated
  • drive the employment equity profile


  • directing and managing the day-to-day activities of the staff
  • managing customer requirements and expectations


  • air traffic control services
  • industry standards, technology trends and best practices
  • legislation applying to the provision of aviation services
  • high-level understanding of business

About The Employer

ATNS is responsible for air traffic control in approximately 10% of the worlds airspace. Over and above traditional air traffic control, we also provide aeronautical information for planning purposes, search and rescue coordination services, the maintenance of a reliable navigation infrastructure, training services, and many more.

Our Vision:
To be the preferred supplier of air traffic, navigation, training and associated services to the African continent and surrounding regions.

Our Mission:
To provide safe, orderly, expeditious and efficient air traffic, navigation, training and associated services.

Employer & Job Benefits

  • Pension Fund Medical Aid

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